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A Saturday morning flow

t's just what felt good to me last week. I am really just trying to get into the idea that we don't have to do a regimented thing every time we get onto the mat, and I feel that if I can let that go a little bit, I'd be better about my asana practice. Can we just get into our bodies and notice what's going on, even if it's "just" sitting there? (Though that may be the most difficult thing to do at all!) Can we let go of striving...let go of demanding that we do what has been prescribed by someone or some system that we believe is more wise than we ourselves are? We always talk about connecting to our inner wisdom, but how often do we allow ourselves the chance to contemplate what that is FOR US on a particular day, at a particular time? This may seem a funny thing to discuss in a post with a certain flow written down, but feel free to use it as a template, do one or none of these poses, maybe see how something feels, even if it's for a different amount of time on one side or the other. I sometimes did this in class with a few Sun Salutation C's, but feel free to warm up or not in any way you like. Maybe it's beginning seated, maybe some cat/cows, down dog, or whatever movements feel natural and necessary for your body. Hope this is a little inspiration to get on your mat and move and breathe and connect!


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