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           Now Active: Patreon online options for classes, meditations, philosophy and more

Winter Yoga Schedule:

Tuesdays in January - 7 pm $50 for 6 classes at Lifecare Chiropractic

Thursdays at Happy Dog in St. Clair - 6 pm Slow Burn 

Friday - 10 am $10 Lifecare Chiropractic

Zoom class with Alma! Sundays at 8:30 am. Contact me for the link or to get on the Zoom email list. 

Yoga requests? Feel free to call or text me at 810-335-5921 for personal yoga zoom class or any physical or themed yoga class requests. Email:


New to yoga? Just come on in and wear some comfortable clothes. Come a few minutes early to talk with the instructor.  You may not want to eat a big meal right before yoga, and also be sure to let your instructor know if you have any physical issues. We can help you modify poses if needed, so welcome!

"The journey across the great ocean of existence is a journey inward, ever deeper and deeper, and the deeper you get in, the more you meet truth."

-Ram Dass

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